Unit 0.

1. What’s Edmodo and how to use it?

Date: 16th September 2014.
Students sign in (register) to Edmodo platform and meet their peers and teachers from other country.

2. The prepositions song.

Date: 26th September  (11.45 - 12.30) Friday

In this activity our students will remember some prepositions. In, on, under, behind, between...
Polish students know the song and they make some hand movements when they are singing the refrain. Spanish students will learn the song, but they don't know what movements to do while they are singing.

The day of the activity it will be a live session (hangout). Polish students will teach Spanish ones how to move their hands while singing the refrain.

With this task we want our students feel they are in the same class, doing things they usually do in their real classroom.

2. Our schools.

Date: 29th September 2014, (time: 10.50 - 11.25)

Students will work in mixed (Polish/Spanish) groups to find out the details about their partner school. They’ll have to collect the data by answering the questions published on Edmodo.
Each group will answer two questions.
Find out:
1. How many students are there in Spanish/Polish class?
2. How old are the students from Spanish/Polish class?
3. What school subjects have you got in 5th class?
4. What can you do at the breaks?
5. Can you drink and eat during the lessons?
6. How many students are there in your friends’ school?
7. Can you use mobiles at school?
8. What colour is your classroom?
9. What time do you start your lessons?
10. What time do you finish your lessons?

Lesson plan

  1. The groups on Edmodo are formed by the teacher.
  2. In each group there are experts (students from partner school).
  3. Each group answer 2(3) of 10 questions. Students have to find out the answers by chatting with the experts. The teachers approve the ready answer and publish the next questions and so on.
  4. The teachers record the answers on a shared document and project them on the whiteboard to give the students information about their progress.
  5. At the end students will have the description of the partner school.